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Feds take the axe to the Solar Hot Water Rebate

Yesterday at about 5pm, the Federal Government issued a press release saying the $1000 rebate for Solar Hot Water was ending with no notice. If you had not bought your system before the press release went out you would not get the rebate! [Continue reading…]

How To Find The Most Efficient Solar Hot Water System

an evacuated tube solar hot water system

Is the evac tube system really more efficient than the flat plate system you have been quoted? Here's how to find out...

When you are looking to buy a Solar Hot Water system for for home, one of the most important things to check (apart from the price) is the efficiency of your Solar Hot Water System. The more efficient your system is, the better it will be at converting the sun’s heat to piping hot water, which means you will use your gas or electric boost less.

But with thousands of models of solar water heaters on the Aussie market, from flat plate or evacuated tube, to heat pumps how do you determine which ones are the most efficient? Especially when each sales person says their technology / model is the most efficient! They can’t all be right…

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