About Solar Hot Water Quotes

I started SolarHotWaterQuotes.com.au because I couldn’t for the life of me find a website that explained, in simple terms, how a solar hot water system works, what different types are on the market and what the pros and cons of each are. All I could find was manufacturers’ sales pitches claiming that their chosen design is the world’s greatest.

This site aims to provide Australians with an independent source of information when buying solar hot water systems.

The site hopefully gives you with all the independent information you need to make an informed decision about solar hot water. If it doesn’t – please tell me.

I have also teamed up with local solar hot water installers to provide a free, no obligation service that will provide you with 3 local quotes for a system for your home or business (disclosure: I get a small fee if a solar company sends out a quote to you)

If you are thinking of buying a solar hot water system, I would strongly recommend investing in water-efficienct appliances too. This will ensure that your solar system generates a bigger proportion of the energy your houshold uses.

Who is behind SolarHotWaterQuotes?

SolarHotWaterQuotes.com.au was founded by eco-hacker: Finn Peacock, an Electrical Engineer who has many years experience working in renewable energy and energy efficiency for Electricity Companies, Engineering Consultancies and most recently, CSIRO.

SolarHotWaterQuotes is run out of Adelaide, South Australia, the sunniest state on the sunniest continent.