What Solar Hot Water Rebates Can I Get?

You can actually claim up to 2 separate rebates for your Solar Hot Water System:

1) A State Rebate

2) STCs (previously called ‘Renewable Energy Certificates’)

1. The State Rebate

Varies by every state: Here’s a rundown of each state’s generosity:


The SA government offer a $900 rebate – but only if you hold a Centrelink Healthcare Card, are a Pensioner, War Widow, or Disabled War Veteran.


The VIC government may offer you from $300 to $1500 depending on the system type installed and where you live. In true bureaucrat style they’ve made it really complicated – so I’d advise getting 3 quotes and letting the installers work it out!


The WA Government will pay $500 for gas boosted solar water heaters connected to a reticulated gas network, or $700 for LPG solar water heaters used in areas where natural gas is not available.


No state rebates. The QLD government ended the Solar Hot Water reabte on 22 July 2012. Thank Can’t Do Campbell.


No state rebate at present (the previous one ended on June 30 2011).


No state rebates.


No state rebates.


No state rebates.

2. The other cash handout: STCs (were called RECs)

This wad of cashback comes from selling the system’s Small-scale Technology Certificates (previously called ‘Renewable Energy Certificates’).

To cut a very complicated story very short, how much cash you get depends on:

  • The efficiency of the system – the higher the more cash you get.
  • The market price of STCs which change in value on a daily basis like any other market traded paper.
  • Where you live in Australia – the more tropical the more cash you get.

Basically you are looking at $300 – $900 back for your STCs depending on the 3 factors above.


Let the installers work it all out for you! Get 3 Free Quotes For Solar Hot Water Here.