Review #4 of Cheapa Hot Water

Have you bought a hot water system since you got your quote?Yes
If yes, which supplier did you go with?Cheapa Hot Water
What made you choose that supplier over the others who supplied quotes?
  • Best Price
  • Best Quality System
How much did you spend?$3000 to $6000
Value for Money:4*
Quality of System:4*
Customer Service:4*
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?Were able to install promptly and had a good price, installation was tidy and quality materials used, however they had a few errors on install the average person would probably not pick up, these were: inlet and tank sensor were in wrong thermowell, booster thermostat was set at 53°, our installation had the header box sloping, the outlet was installed at the lower side not the higher side as it should be, the unit was thermosiphoning at night, this was fixed by installing a spring check valve rather than a swing check. These were all corrected promptly. They also did not recognise that connecting the booster to off peak would mean that solar contribution would be compromised by having a fully heated storage tank first thing in the morning, particularly for a family that showers at night rather than the morning. Booster was connected to normal supply at my request. In summary a good experience overall but best if you know the ins and outs of solar so you can check the installation. The Apricus system installed seems to work well.

Review Posted by Chris from NSW on 21 April 2011