Review #4 of Signature Solar

Have you bought a hot water system since you got your quote?Yes
If yes, which supplier did you go with?Signature Solar
What made you choose that supplier over the others who supplied quotes?
  • Best Price
How much did you spend?$3000 to $6000
Value for Money:4*
Quality of System:4*
Customer Service:2*
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?We were only contacted by two suppliers, not three as promised. The installation was poor because it was not fitted to the roof correctly (plastic end capping left loose on roof), old pipes were not taken down, and a tile was left cracked and would have caused significant water damage had I not noticed it when I climbed the roof. The customer service only rated a "Poor" because there seemed to be a lot of different people involved in the whole process and they didn't seem to communicate very well. There was no handover of the system, just a booklet left on the doorstep, no phone call explaining how it worked and no explanation of the rebate system (I had to write a number of emails to get this information). It's so simple, why can't people give good customer service!!!

Review Posted by Nigel from NSW on 27 March 2011