Solar Hot Water Installers – Reviews

Why am I publishing Hot Water Installer Reviews?

The most common request I have from people, like yourself, who have considered buying a solar hot water system is:
“I’ve got these quotes from XYZ Solar Systems, they seem like really nice guys, but this is such a new industry, how can I be sure that they are good, honest installers with reliable hardware?”

Here at SolarHotWaterQuotes we follow up with all our users who “Get 3 Quotes” for Solar and ask them to rate their chosen Solar Installer, if they went ahead and installed a Solar Hot Water System, whether it was an installer they were referred to by SolarHotWaterQuotes or not.

Hopefully the end result means that prospective buyers like you can cut through the sales pitches and get real peoples’ experiences of solar hot water installers throughout Australia.

Please note that this is a collection of reviews of as many solar hot water companies in Australia as possible, some are in the SolarHotWaterQuotes network, most are not.

Just because a company is listed on this page it does not mean that I necessarily endorse them.