Are you a Solar Hot Water Installer looking for more quality sales leads?

If you sell solar hot water systems in Australia, you can apply to become a SolarHotWaterQuotes trusted supplier.

How it works:

1. The prospect completes a detailed referral form.

2. We match their requirements to a local supplier (like you).

3. We send you an email.

4. You contact the prospect.

That’s It! Here’s why you will love our service:

  • There are no listing fees, monthly fees, advertising fees, setup fees and no minimum term.
  • You can stop and start your supply of leads at any time to suit your workload.
  • We take care of the online marketing and you can concentrate on your core business.
  • You can filter leads by system type (e.g. evac tube / flat plate / heat pump)
  • You only pay us for each lead we send you.

To apply, please use this form.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote quality solar hot water systems and reputable installers so that Australians can enjoy the security of low bills for decades.

Our Commitment

We are deeply committed to ensuring that every house gets quality solar panels with a reliable inverter, well installed by an installation crew that is given the time and hardware to achieve a result that will last for decades.

We’re Selective

We are very selective with which companies we work with.

SolarHotWaterQuotes has been helping businesses like yours to grow since 2009.

At SolarHotWaterQuotes, we work hard to deliver better qualified, informed, high quality leads so your business can thrive.

At the heart of everything we do is an unrelenting commitment to helping good solar installers thrive.


We are experts in lead generation, SEO, PPC, conversion, optimisation and everything digital. As well as solar hot water systems.


We have the friendliest lead -return policy in the industry. If you reject the lead within 7 days of getting it you don’t even get invoiced for it.


Honesty and transparency are key values we operate by. We use white hat SEO practices and would never incentivise or entice leads. No call centres, no door knockers.


SolarHotWaterQuotes was started to accelerate the adoption of high quality solar. Solar that ends up in landfill after 3-5 years is our common enemy.

We Love Solar

We do not operate lead generation for any other class of tradie or home improvement professional. We generate content and leads for solar PV and solar hot water. That’s it.

How Do We Work?

At SolarHotWaterQuotes, our job is to find people who want to buy solar hot water and send them to you to convert into sales. Easier said than done. As online marketing and solar experts, we spend hours analysing, tweaking, finding, revising, amending, to make sure you get the customers you need.

  1. People find us
    1. Because we advertise widely online offering to educate people about solar hot water, and arrange up to three quotes.
    2. Because we have many pages of high quality, expert advice and reviews.
    3. Because our website contains heaps of information, such as our ‘start here’ page, that explains solar hot water to the layperson without drowning them in information.
  2. Online Form
    1. When visitors are ready to progress to getting quotes, they will complete our online form (14 steps) with their solar requirements and contact details.
  3. Referral Engine
    1. Our referral engine finds up to three solar companies that match their needs and service their location.
  4. Initial Contact with Customer
    1. The customer gets an email with the details of a maximum of three quoting companies, including you.
    2. We provide the lead with all the information they need to choose between the quotes. We provide a ‘quality checklist’ to help them decide which system to choose using much more than price alone.
  5. Initial Contact with Solar Company
    1. You get an email with the leads details and requirements. We charge you for this lead.
  6. Convert the Customer
    1. It is now your responsibility to follow up the lead. The winning company installs the system. No commission is payable to us.
  7. Customer Feedback
    1. Sixty days after the initial quote request we ask the customer to review your service. We publish this review on your own review page, creating valuable 3rd party proof that you are a great installer.
    2. You can then leverage this sale and your reviews to get free word-of-mouth sales.

Your Questions Answered

  • In what format will I receive the leads?

    We send an email will all the lead details.

  • How do I know you won’t just send me poor leads followed by a big bill?

    We have a policy that enables you to reject leads within seven days of receiving them, if you genuinely believe the lead is not seriously considering solar in the next 12 months.

  • Can I pause my account so I stop receiving leads, at any time?

    Yes, you can pause your account at any time.

  • Can I nominate a cap, so I’m working within my budget ?

    Yes you can. You can nominate a daily, weekly or monthly cap. If you only want 10 leads per month, then we’ll limit the leads to 10 per month.

  • Can I cancel or opt out of leads at any time?

    There is no minimum sign up period and you can opt out from leads at any time. Otherwise, you can put your account on pause, as described above.

  • Can I specifically request leads of a certain type?

    Yes, you can nominate the type of leads you are interested in and we will send you only those lead enquiries e.g. flat plate, evacuated tube, heat pump.

  • Won’t I just be competing against the big, cheap solar companies that sell poor quality solar at rock bottom prices, when I join up with SolarHotWaterQuotes?

    You know and we know who the shonky companies are. Those companies never have and never will be SolarHotWaterQuotes clients. We believe in quality at a fair price and we vet our clients accordingly.

  • Isn’t this just a race to the bottom on prices?

    No. We provide a way for people to get three quotes for quality solar and then choose the system that suits them the best. We have never promoted SolarHotWaterQuotes as a place to get the cheapest solar system. We actively encourage everyone that reads our advice to pay more for quality systems that will last for decades and avoid the junk. The Clean Energy Council and the Government both recommend that people get at least three quotes when buying solar. We simply facilitate this for people in the easiest and lowest risk way we can.

Will You Make The Grade?

We are serious about only working with quality solar hot water installation companies, and here is our minimum criteria:

  • Your organisation has at least three genuine reviews on our site (if you don’t have three reviews on our site, we can show you how to easily get at least six genuine reviews from your past customers).
  • Have at least 12 months experience in the solar industry.
  • Sell quality solar hot water systems with minimum five year warranties on tanks and collectors, and minimum one year warranties on electrical parts and labour.
  • Rapid Response – follow up leads within 24 hours.
  • Take all leads seriously and have systems in place for accountability.
  • Provide a comprehensive quote.

And of course, we need to get on. For us, working together is about the journey and helping each other to achieve our goals. If we can’t relate and don’t take the time to understand each other, then it will never work for either party

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Behind Every Good Company…

Finn Peacock founded SolarHotWaterQuotes to ensure the solar industry had a go-to resource that ensured accurate, objective, easily accessible information and realistic pricing for high quality solar.

Finn is a chartered electrical engineer with an ability to translate important technical details from industry jargon to plain English that anyone can understand. He is motivated by energy efficiency, clean energy, environmental protection and mountain bikes.

With his humor and charismatic nature, Finn is able to connect and educate people by turning the boring important bits into the fun bits.

A thought-leader and change-maker, particularly around solar power, Finn provides expert media commentary, appears as a guest speaker, and has consulted to leading government ministers on clean energy. His energy and commitment are infectious and he is genuinely committed to empowering people to reduce costs and environmental damage.

SolarHotWaterQuotes has helped almost 30,000 Australians get quotes for solar hot water, safe in the knowledge that they are using an honest and reputable provider. Beyond this, Finn has a first-class degree in Mechatronic Engineering and professional and international industry experience. His business is based on providing the most reliable information and referring the best possible providers.

No Contacts, No Minimum Spend. No Risk For You

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“Your web site is excellent and helped me to make up my mind to go ahead with solar because before I found it I was so confused I was about to decide to forget all about it.”

Mollie, South Australia